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Program Profile: Maryland 3D

02/18/2019, 10:00am EST
By Zach Sisera

Program Profile Series

Program – Maryland 3D

Program Board Member – Dave Thurston

Dedication. Determination. Discipline.

This addition to the Program Profile Series highlights Maryland 3D, the program which Board Member Dave Thurston calls “Baltimore’s best kept secret.” 3D began in 1997, with the mission of impacting the greater community by giving the athletes the tools to become successful. They attempt to do this through the use of what they call the three D’s: Dedication, Determination, and Discipline. These principles aren’t taken lightly, and are more of a lifestyle for those involved with the 3D program. Thurston and the other board members of Maryland 3D believe that dedication is necessary for the athletes to achieve any goals that they may have for themselves. Determination shows the athletes that hard work is necessary, and that it they are able to face obstacles head on, they can be successful through any type of adversity that comes their way. Finally, Discipline is believed to be a crucial aspect of success for those involved in the 3D program. They try and educate the athletes on the importance of good decision-making, which they believe is vital to one’s success.

Overall, Maryland 3D strives to provide the athletes in their program with leadership qualities that will make them great role models and leaders for their communities. 3D has been able to be successful in this role, but has also been able to find great success on the hardwood as well. Since their inception in 1997, Maryland 3D has had over 150 alum who have gone on to play basketball at the collegiate level. This comes from a great network of college coaches they have come to develop relationships with over the course of the program’s history. They feel that these connections are a differentiator between themselves and other programs. They have the ability to have a great feel for their players, and understand which programs and collegiate coaches would be a good fit for them as not only a basketball player, but as an individual.

3D looks forward to beginning their spring season, having 13 teams total this coming spring. Looking forward, 3D hopes to start expanding their offerings on the girls side, developing more girls’ teams for their future seasons.

Maryland 3D has become one of the most respected programs in not only Maryland, but the whole nation. Zero Gravity Basketball is excited to have such a program be a part of our spring circuit! Be sure to check out Maryland 3D’s Twitter account: @Maryland3D_BC


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