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ZG Media Day Recap - CTPHD

03/21/2018, 2:15pm EDT
By ZG Report

Tonight we hit the road and headed to Bridgeport, CT, to meet up with Coach Drew Carothers and his team at PHD Basketball. This happened to be their first practice of the season, which allowed us to see how Coach Carothers builds his team from the very start. 

PHD Basketball

PHD Basketball is a youth program that has been servicing the Bridgeport area of Connecticut for many years. They are continuing to grow in numbers every year and that is because of the reputation they have built. Every player within the program has a great connection to all the coaches and really enjoy playing for PHD. Coach Carothers really focuses on developing the fundamentals of his players and giving them the best opportunity to grow as a player. By talking to the players we were really able to see how they not only grow their skills but also their friendships. Everyone we talked to had something to say about the friends they have made so far and look forward to making many more. PHD Basketball is definitely one of the best programs around because they focus on all aspects of their players. It was a great opportunity to be able to get into one of their practices and really see how well everything comes together when PHD Basketball is involved.

An Insight Into Coach Carothers

We start with a look at Coach Carothers and what this program is to him. He decided to get into youth basketball after being a high school coach and realized that these kids needed something more. By watching even just the first practice of the season you can quickly tell that Coach Carothers brings everything to the table that these kids need to learn. He is very much respected throughout and the kids really listen when he's talking, taking in every lesson that they can get.

When it comes to helping out with drills we see all coaches on on hand. With PHD Coach likes to be in the middle of everything so he has a short reach to everybody. There wasn't a time during practice when we didn't see him right in every drill.

Meet Alex From PHD

"I have a really good bond with all the coaches in the program."

Alex is one of the kids that you can talk to and really see what kind of impact the coaches have on them. He has been with the program since the 3rd grade and is only a freshman, and plans to finish out his youth career with PHD. Not only does PHD focus on the player, but the family as well. Alex isn't the first of his family to come through the program. His older brother went through it as well and clearly had a good impression, as Alex is now a part of the same one.

Sean From PHD

Focusing your skills as a basketball player isn't the only thing you get when you play for PHD. Life long friendships also develop as attested to by Sean, who has been with the program since the 4th grade and is now currently a senior in high school.

"I've met some kids that I'm pretty sure will be around for the rest of my life."

It's always good to see a program that not only builds your skills in the sport, but can build parts of your life that will always matter, even after basketball is over.

Charlie, 13U PHD

Charlie is a very outgoing player on this PHD team. His favorite part about playing for this program is that he gets to play with a lot of his friends and that there is no arguing between everyone. Playing as a team is very important to him because it adds to the idea that this is not just basketball, but a way to build on the friendships that he has developed over the years. He is going on his 4th year in the program and looks forward to winning many more championships in the future. 

Thank you to PHD Basketball for allowing us to come and get a greta media night in for them! Good luck in your tournaments this year and we hope to see you at the Finals in Boston!

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